Children's Talk의 선생님용 교재
Teacher’s Guide for Children's Talk  

기존에 출간 되었던 당사의 교재 Children's Talk 1. 2. 3.의 선생님 교재로 출간 되었습니다.
Children's Talk 1. 2. 3.에 나왔던 모든 질문에 대한 대답들을 모두 제시하고있습니다.

  The Teacher’s Guide saves teachers a lot of time. They do not have to worry about the most concise way to answer a question or fill in a blank. For example, one lesson shows a compass, and students have to tell how the compass is used. The guide explains very simply, “This is a compass. It is used to help people find their direction.” Also, for some questions, the guide provides more than one answer. For instance, how should one answer the question, “Why are you so late?” Possible answers include: “Traffic was very heavy,” “I got stuck in heavy traffic,” and “It took twice as long to get here as usual. I was in a bad traffic jam.” Teachers will appreciate the comprehensiveness of the Teacher’s Guide, and it will reduce the time needed in preparation.


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