3rd Edition All New!
Express Yourself 3.  

각권 15개의 이슈와 각 이슈에 대한 다양한 토론 주제를 제공
토론 주제에 대한 다양한 Opinion Samples를 제공하여 학습자들에게 도움을 주고자 했다.
각 이슈 마다 연관된 Dialogue를 첨부여 학습자들이 다양한 구어체 표현을 익히도록 했다.

  These books are LIS Korea’s best-selling series. The 45 issues that are covered in the three books represent a significant array of topics of worldwide interest. The topics include habits, hobbies, vacation, family, friends, jobs, smoking and drinking, food, cars, sports, money, shopping, love, marriage, stress, retirement, crime and punishment, social pressure, environment, education, men and women, optimism and pessimism, conscience, morality, life and destiny, government, and others. Thus, the lessons touch on almost every subject of life that one will likely need to give an opinion on. Though the books contain 45 units, there are actually thousands of discussion points with interesting pictures accompanying the captions.


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