Talk Talk Talk의 선생님용 교재
Teacher’s Guide for Talk Talk Talk 1 & 2  

기존에 출간 되었던 당사의 교재 Talk Talk Talk 1. 2.의 선생님 교재로 출간 되었습니다.
Talk Talk Talk 1. 2.에 나왔던 모든 질문에 대한 찬반의견들이 모두 제시되어있습니다.

  This guide will be a huge help to any teachers who are using Talk Talk Talk 1/2. The Teacher’s Guide provides sample answers to every question that appears in the sixty lessons. For questions where a difference of opinion is likely, the guide provides two sample answers. For example, consider the question where a man has discovered that his young son has started smoking. What advice would you give? The guide provides two sample opinions in response to this question. The first opinion takes a hard-line approach, advising the father to intervene immediately. The second opinion advises caution, stating that the father should simply discourage the son from smoking and leave it at that. The approach of this guide will help teachers familiarize students with the subtleties of expressing opinions.


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